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Dry goods: Why does electronic power steering become the general trend?

2499 Views 20,Aug,2021 Ruite

What is PS? Please note that it is not ESP (Electronic Body Stability System), don't confuse it.Its full name is electric power steering system, whether it is HPS or EHPS, the essence is still a hydraulic system. From the appearance, there are steering oil pots.The advantages of...

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What is the role of the car is steering gear

2339 Views 20,Aug,2021 Ruite

The energy required for the steering of a car using a power steering system, under normal circumstances, only a small part is the physical energy provided by the driver, and most of it is the hydraulic energy provided by the oil pump (or air compressor) driven by the engine (or motor) (Or air pre...

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Five advantages of EPS electronic power steering

2318 Views 20,Aug,2021 Ruite

Presumably every car owner is familiar with the EPS electronic power steering system of Refine S3, but do you know where the advantages of this system are reflected? Today, the editor will bring you a detailed introduction.What is EPS electronic power steering?Based on t...

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